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Miniature katana - Shinobu Sword

Miniature katana - Shinobu Sword

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For admirers of "Demon Slayer" and the enchantment of special blades, we bring forth a rare beauty. Introducing the miniature katana, a detailed replica of Shinobu's unique blade. This petite masterpiece encapsulates Shinobu's graceful Insect Breathing techniques and her delicate dance in battle.

In the mesmerizing realm of "Demon Slayer", Shinobu's blade is a unique spectacle. Thin and razor-sharp, it's more of a stinger, reflecting her insect-inspired techniques. This blade, combined with her poison, makes her a deadly foe to demons.

For the passionate fans of "Demon Slayer", this miniature katana is not just a trinket. It's a piece of Shinobu's grace, her quiet yet deadly presence in the series.

Each katana miniature is complemented with a traditional saya (scabbard), underscoring its authenticity and offering a chance to showcase it as a standout decorative piece. Additionally, with your purchase, we include a special sword stand and a decorative tassel, rounding off its elegance.


  • Katana comes with a traditional saya (scabbard) for protection and display.
  • With your purchase, you'll receive a complimentary sword stand and decorative tassel.
  • Weight: ~2.5 oz (~71 g)
  • Blade lenght: 5.9 in (15 cm)
  • Total Lenght (with scabbard): 9 in (23cm)
  • Complimentary sword stand & decorative tassel.


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